bookmark_borderI should probably figure out a point to this all…..

Back in the wild wild west days of the internet around 1999 I discovered LiveJournal. At that time the dynamic of sharing your life with strangers was still relatively new to the masses and as a result wildly entertaining and fun. Twenty years later it all seems overdone and cliched and honestly just boring… Everyone is on some form of social media these days, for the most part they are portraying a bullshit version of their life to make themselves appear interesting to people. Everybody posts the same touched up selfies, pictures of what they’re eating, their pets, their kids and meme’s we’ve all seen a million times looking for validation… I’ve done it.. I know….

So a couple of weeks ago I was speaking to some friends about the old podcast, and the idea to fire it up again got lobbed out there…. My wife had actually been dropping hints that I should do it again for a couple of months which I ignored, because you know, marriage, but hearing other people say it made me think maybe it would be fun to do that. So I thought up a name that captured my head space at the moment, snagged the domain, built a tiny web server for it and here we are.

Fuck. Here we are, now what? Back then being the wild west it was I asked my lady friends on LiveJournal for nudes, and because it was all so new they obliged, I posted them and a following got built over time. LiveJournal got sold to the Russians years ago so that went away for me. In the post Me Too world we live in there’s no way I’m asking anyone for nudes, nor would I expect people to give them up for public consumption. I looked around at some of the old sources of internet gossip, found some pix of Emma Watson topless making the rounds and thought to myself, “Do I really want to go down that road again?”.

The podcast idea is interesting to me because, in listening back to the shows we did, it was pretty fucking funny, but definitely a show that would get us in worlds of trouble these days. That being said I like the idea of conversations, maybe I can talk some of the old gang into firing up an updated version of the show up with a new guest every now again. I’m not sure, but for right now this seemed like a good place to start thinking out loud.

bookmark_borderAnd so it begins…. again.

Twenty something years ago a boy started blogging, people came. Then boy got some of his friends together and started podcasting. More people came. Real life happened and boy decided it was time to move on. Today boy is no longer boy but old man whose mental capacity has once again declined to levels where blogging and podcasting sounds like fun. Strap yourselves in kiddies, no telling where this ride will take us….