Chronically Oblivious Episode 7 – Imminent Sleaze

So another week, and another batch of sleaze for you this… It starts off PG with discussion of the newish Steven Wilson song Eminent Sleaze, and degrades rapidly from there… I would caution you that the show links this week (with the exception on the aforementioned song) are not work, home, pretty well anywhere friendly at all… But for those of you that have been kicking around forever you expect that from us anyway 😀 Paul’s birthday, taxes, shingles, and lots of other old man topics on the schedule… Exciting right? Which is why you should email us at or what do you think? Should we open up the phone lines to you animals to join in? Let us know…. Till then…

Show Links

Steven Wilson Eminent Sleaze

Happy Birthday Paulie!
The Meme Dude we were talking about
Because Dan wanted it, the NSFW version

Chronically Oblivious
Chronically Oblivious
Chronically Oblivious Episode 7 - Imminent Sleaze

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